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Used Complete Combined Temper and Tension Leveling Line (excelent condition)

Used Complete Combined Temper and Tension Leveling Line (excelent condition)
August 16, 2017 immm
In Tension Leveling Line

Maker : Clecim
Produced in 1991
This line is ca. 40 mm long and 12 m wide.
This very modern line is paid 8 mill. of USD, and was in operation only one year when is production stopped.

This Line consist of two non-dependent units:
– One Temper Mill and
– One Tension Leveler.
The line is constructed for continuous Strip tempering and leveling. This two basic line unit may be used together or separately, depending of that what characteristic of material we want to achieve.

This line is intended for CRS and annealed CRS:
-in thickness: 0,2 to 1,5 mm
-width: 600-1.300 mm
-Material Yield Point: 20-50 daN/mm sq.
-Material Tension Strength: 30 – 70 daN/mm sq.
-Max. Line speed: 300 m/min
-Two High Temper Mill hydraulic pressure:
max.: 1.0000 t
-Max tension on the Leveler: 15.000 daN
-Strip elongation: on the Two High D-Mill: max 5 %
-Strip elongation on the Tension Leveler: max. 2%


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